M&E Services

M&E in construction refers to Mechanical and Electrical systems. Presticore Solutions play an important roles in coordinating with the M&Es as all pre-planning are the crucial in being cost-efficient and reduce time frame for completion of work.

Presticore Solutions has established long-term and healthy relations with our contractors, we believe in good working manners and genuine attitude will have more desired results. Yet we are stringent in all aspects of inspection and quality control in order to achieve our company’s vision.

Below are list of M&E and categories they belongs to.

  • ME01 – Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Ventilation Works
  • ME02 – Building Automation, Industrial & Process Control Systems
  • ME03 – Solar PV System Integration
  • ME04 – Communication & Security Systems
  • ME05 – Electrical Engineering
  • ME06 – Fire Prevention & Protection Systems
  • ME07 – High & Low Tension Overhead Line Installation
  • ME08 – Internal Telephone Wiring for Telecommunications
  • ME09 – Lift & Escalator Installation
  • ME10 – Line Plant Cabling / Wiring for Telecommunications
  • ME11 – Mechanical Engineering
  • ME12 – Plumbing & Sanitary Works
  • ME13 – Traffic Light Systems
  • ME14 – Underground Pipleline for Telecommunications
  • ME15 – Integrated Building Services